About us

Villa Pascialella between luxury and authenticity

Meaning is literary terms « little prairie » the Villa Pascialella is built on family grounds. The grandfather, great-grandfather cultivated the land and bred goats.

In 2004, the owners decided to build the Villa Pascialella on the familygrounds of 16000 square meters. Their objective : to create a luxurious home, top of the range having outstanding comfort, all respecting nature and the scrubland (maquis) so representative of the typical Corsican charm.

This is why, they did the work without eartwork and build the villa between small and big rocks and trees.

Built with quality materials equiped with numerous amenities and an ideal location, i twill charm you immediately with its characteristic decoration, its authenticity and its top of the range equipment which will guarantee an absolute well-being during your stay.

With an incredible seaview on the very famous Palombaggia Bay, today it stands proudly in an adorable citrus orchard with tangerine, mandarine, orange and lemo trees. You’ll feel at home and totally in your element while relaxing in the heart of nature walking through the vast properly you’ll also be charmed by a little stream peace. Fully flowing through the property the Tamaricciu which flows into the sea directly below us. There you’ll find a beach called Tamaricciu.