A few minutes from the villa, the most beautiful beaches of Corsica await you

Corsica would not be Corsica without its unmissable and beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise sparkling waters and idyllic coves! You can get a direct view from the villa, which majestically overlooks the famous bay of Palombaggia with its incredible panorama of the Cerbicale Islands.

In Porto Vecchio you immediately fall in love with the beautiful beaches and lagoons at the foot of the mountain: Cala Rossa, Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, La Chiappa, Gulf of Stagnolu and many others.

Between sea and mountain the little paradise on earth.

Corsica, the jewel of the Mediterranean.

A water aquarelle of blue

This pure wonder is one of the most beautiful on the island. Its shallow waters make it a paradise for children.

Palombaggia offers a magnificent panorama of the Cerbicale Islands. These five bare islands, appreciated by birds and often bitten by winds, are classified as a nature reserve.This natural beauty extends to the south, to Cap d’Acciaghju, via the beaches of Cala di Lume, Tamaricciu, and La Folacca. About fifteen kilometers of sandy beaches and wild coves, pigmented pines with bright green umbrellas and pink rocks plunging in sparkling turquoise water.

The trail of Tamaricciu

A small hiking trail allows you to discover the island of Folaca and, in the distance, the Cerbicale Islands, a nature reserve classified as a special protection zone.They have an incredible diversity of bird populations, including storm petrels and Mediterranean crested cormorants. Isolated, reptiles survive there, like the lilac tiliguerta or the phyllodactyl of Europe, a small gecko sheltering at the heart of the rocks.
2 min from the beaches by car8 min from the beaches on foot10 minutes by car from the center of Porto-Vecchio20 min drive from the Gulf of Sperone25 min drive from Figari airport
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Close to typical restaurants of quality

The Lavezzi Islands, the Sperone area, the Bonifacio cliffs, the Ospedale forest, the Aiguilles de Bavella, the natural pools, the pine mountains and the typical villages. The white sandy beaches, the turquoise sea, the idyllic coves …


The natural pools of Porto-Vecchio